Schedule of Fees & Limits

(The bank’s attorney made us put in a legal disclaimer of all possible fees because of a strict policy of No Hidden Fees ever,
even if most of them never will impact you, but we want to show you how to avoid as many of them as possible)


Card Activation/Issuance Fee

(just one time when you get the card)

Monthly Maintenance Fee

$4.95 per month
(the Capcom-Unity rewards, cash back on signature transactions (and accelerated cash back via the Capcom-Unity Rewards Mall), and savings from discounts in the Capcom Store more than offset this necessary fee to operate your account)

Signature Based POS Transaction Fees

(If you sign for your Visa [CREDIT] not [DEBIT] when given the option, or if you purchase anything online...your transactions are not only free, but you also earn everyday cash-back rewards as well as Unity points.  Smart cardholders always sign, and get rewarded for it)

Signature Transaction Decline Fee

$.50 per decline
(if you sign up for alerts, (email or SMS), you should have easy access to your actual cash balance.  Some transactions, like pay-at-the-pump gas purchases, restaurants, car rentals and hotels set aside more cash than you may use, so read the FAQ’s and understand how card payments really work...a little smarts about how the system works can help you avoid any decline fees)

PIN Based POS Transaction Fee

$.25 per transaction
(oooh, if you do this, not only does it cost you a quarter, but you don’t get any cash-back rewards and you don’t get any Unity points...always ask for the [CREDIT] option at the retail checkout, and you avoid this fee.  A retailer might ask you to use your PIN, because it’s cheaper for them.  You don’t want to use your PIN, because you want to earn rewards and save money!  Sometimes, however, this has a hidden trick that you can use.  Let’s say you want some cash and you’re at a grocery a pack of gum and use the PIN option and when/if it asks you if you want cash back, take some’s cheaper than using an ATM!)

PIN Based POS Transaction Decline Fee

$.50 per decline
(If you were using a standard checking account debit card from most banks, it would let you make the purchase and charge you an overdraft of $25 - $35, depending upon your bank’s fees. In this case, it’s a little ding as opposed to a big dig. Again, alerts help you manage your money, so these fees are easily avoidable)

ATM Transactions Fees
(ATM’s are a fact of life, but be smart about how you use them.  For instance, the less cash you withdraw at an ATM, the higher your average cost per dollar is.  Plus, you don’t get any rewards for paying cash when you could use your Capcom-Unity Visa card.  Depending on how much cash you need, it may be far cheaper for you to go buy a pack of gum at a grocery store, use your PIN and use the cash-back option...that only costs you a quarter)

Withdrawal (in U.S.)

$1.50 per withdrawal

Withdrawal (outside U.S.)

$3.50 per withdrawal

Decline (in U.S.)

$.50 per decline

Decline (outside U.S.)

$1.00 per decline


$.50 per action or transaction

(these are things like checking your balance at an ATM, or other non-cash-disbursement transactions that some ATM’s might provide. But sign up for free alerts or check all of your transaction history at the card site and you shouldn’t need to do these things!)

Cash Advance

$10.00 per transaction
(this is an alternative method to receive cash from your card by going into a financial institution.  It’s expensive and we frankly don’t recommend it).

Card-to-Card Transfer Fees

$2.00 per transfer
(if you’re sending a money transfer via conventional means to a family member or friend across the country, you’re going to spend a heckuva lot more money than this.  Besides, this is far more can do it from your computer, and you don’t have to go to any stores or stand in any line)

Customer Service Fees


$.25 per action
(It’s pretty rare if you are managing your account online that you should ever need to call the 800# Voice Response Unit...if you have to, this is a pretty good option, which can segue to talking to a real person if you really need to)


$1.50 per call
(If you really are stuck, this still remains a pretty good option)

Request for Paper Statement (mailed)

$2.00 per request
(If you manage your account online, you’ll never ever need this.  Or want this.  But paper costs money, and the post office is never free.  Be green and don’t use this option if you can avoid it)

Website cardholder account inquiries

(means free customer service.  Be smart.  Always use the website communications tool under Customer Service before you think about picking up the phone)

Replacement Card Fee

$10.00 per card
(If you lose your card, you don’t lose the money you have deposited on your card.  Just order a new card and you’re good to go.  Or, If you want to collect all the different cards that get issued (fans are fans, and these things are cool… we do understand), then this is a pretty fair option, because it’s about the same cost as your first card.  Remember, your existing card still works until you activate your new card, unless you call in and report it lost/stolen, and then your old card is disabled immediately to protect you.  If you order a new Replacement Card because you want to “retire” your prior plastic and get a new one, your old card won’t be disabled until you activate your new one, and you can only have one active card at a time)

Express Delivery of Replacement Card

$20.00 per card
(If you are collecting cards, just use regular U.S. mail and allow 7 to 10 days for delivery...don’t incur this charge.)

Administrative Fee to Close Account

(This is the fee to send a paper check to you for the remaining cash balance on your card, should you decide you’d rather do that instead of just spend the money yourself.  We can’t imagine why you’d want to do this, but if you do...there’s a fee)

Overdraft / Negative Balance Fee

First 5 waived then $10 per occurrence beginning on the sixth occurrence
(The bank does its best not to let your account go negative by checking to see that you have enough money in your account before approving a transaction, and doesn’t want to charge you when your account goes negative by accident. To give you a cushion, the bank will give you 5 free “oops” occurrences. If you continue to use your card in a way that causes overdrafts, the bank has the option to charge this fee. Remember that most checking accounts charge $25 or more, for each item that takes your account negative, plus a daily negative balance fee for each day your account is negative.  And in many cases, banks will approve transactions even when your checking account balance is not sufficient to cover the purchase. So much for free checking!)

Pay Bills Online


Electronic Payment

(yup, free. Why wouldn’t you use this?  It’s way cheaper than a postage stamp, and you can consolidate all your payments, recordkeeping and cash management with one easy account, and be able to track spending and export everything to Quicken, MS Money or an Excel spreadsheet. Spend less time writing or mailing checks and use this very smart tool)

Paper Check Payment

$1.00 per check
(If you are paying the lawnmower service guy who doesn’t accept credit cards, this is still a viable option...we’ll mail a check, but postage and paper still costs a little bit of money.  Still, a pretty fair option.)

Check Cancellations

$15.00 per cancellation
(if you do a billpay and order a paper check, and you want to do a stop payment on that check, prior to it being cashed.  Your local bank does the same thing. While rarely used, when you do, it’s really worth it)

Maximum Card Load Limit

$2,500 per day
 (if you want to deposit more, you can always opt to deposit it over the course of more than one day)

Maximum Card Balance Limit

(should be more than enough at any given time to handle your everyday spending and probably all or most of your bill payments each month)

Maximum ATM Withdrawal Limit

10 transactions up to $500 per day
(this is designed to protect you...and really, why would you not plan ahead and save yourself the fees?)

Maximum POS Transaction Limit

20 transactions up to $2,500 per day
(Again, this is designed to protect many games can you buy in a day anyway?)

Maximum Pinned POS Transaction Limit

10 transactions up to $500 per day
(Just say “no” to PIN POS money and get rewards)